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ODCEC - English version

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ODCEC is the professional accounting association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors (ODCEC).

ODCEC was founded in 2005 to offer an italian version of the CPA qualification here in Italy and mergers the professional accounting bodies previously existing in Rome.

The Association is the forefront of representing the accountantt engaged in public practice in regard to government and regulatory bodies.

All members must abide ethical conduct in the running of their practice. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken against members breaching this conduct.

Members must behave in an ethical and legal manner within the association and in their professional life.

Members must have in place relevant letters of engagement.



ODCEC – Rome

Via Flaminia, 00196 Rome
phone: 06 367211alt06 367211 
fax 06 36721220

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Branches and Officials

Council of Management / Board - Segreteria di Presidenza
phone: 06. 367211
fax: 06. 36721385

Compliance and Practicing Committee - Segreteria Albo, Elenco Speciale e Liquidazione Compensi
phone: 06. 367211


phone: 06. 367211
e-mail: -


Press Office
phone: 06. 36721295 (only for press)